All About Localizer.Co

Localizer.Co has been creating quite a buzz in the online marketing industry for a couple of years now. It is a tool that turns any monolingual website into multilingual within minutes. The tool works with your current system without having to change anything in the system. This is why the majority of businesses that operate across borders prefer to use this tool in order to improve the functions of their business and take it to the next level. This read provides information on

The company was founded by Sinan Kaya and Yunus Atalan in 2014. The main purpose for the establishment of the company was to help brands resonate with their international consumers. The latest Harvard study reveals that more than 72% of consumers prefer to purchase products and services from website or businesses in their own language. This is why you need to seriously think of using a tool such as Localizer to translate your website to whatever market you are selling the products or services. It will help improve the business and profits over time.

Sinan Kaya arrived in Australia in 2001. He was based in Sydney and established Ashop – an e-commerce platform similar to Shopify. The website grew rapidly and is serving thousands of clients across the world today. In fact, Ashop has a strong presence in Australia even today. Sinan has more than 16 years of experience in the online marketing industry. He saw a growing need for a website such as Localizer. This is why he established the company in 2014. Yunus is assigned with managing the day to day operations of Localizer. Yunus has prior experience in working for successful companies such as General Motors and EDS. He has a background in website development, project management, and e-commerce.

Localizer.Co helps your business to open new markets in all parts of the world. You don’t have to worry about translating your website to the language of the country that you open a branch of your company. This is where Localizer comes in handy. This amazing tool will do the job for you. You can relax knowing that all the work is taken care of by Localizer. You can attract more consumers to your business by delivering a native brand experience to them. The main goal of this tool is to increase the workflow of your company by taking away the burden of website translation. The localization process is achieved in the form of a click of a button. The process is 100% automated thanks to Localizer.Co. This is why you need to purchase the product in order to localize your business in a hassle-free way.

In conclusion, if you operate an international business, you need to provide a native brand experience to your consumers in each country. If not, you lose a lot of customers and profits as a result. The latest Harvard study shows that more than 72% of consumers prefer to buy products and services from websites in their own language. This is where Localizer.Co comes in handy.